I'm busing my ass to get in shape, here is where I keep my motivation for the days I need a boost.
Currently doing Insanity, Yoga & hitting my elliptical.

Insanity Day 10

Today was the first day I had shakeology. I was surprised by how big the serving was, how think it was and how delicious it was. I felt great all day too. I had it at 6:15 this morning before I left for work, normally I’m starving by 10am but when I went to my break at 11am I was only just starting to get hungry.

I’m so impressed with it so far, I can’t wait to see how I feel as I continue with it. Certainly worth the money thus far. 

I also noticed that when I started my Insanity workout at 3:30pm I had more energy than I normally do after a long day at work. 

So I’m pumped, I feel like a badass and I can’t wait to keep going!